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  • The reality inside: Shower massage is listed under the category of erotic massages, this massage happens in a shower massage room which is designed separately for the shower massage the whole room is full of tiles so when you entered inside you will feel the reality of massage, a widely outspread bathtub is placed in the center of the room two showers will be fitted on the upper side of the tub so the whole room will give you an awesome feeling for you and you will be more enthusiastic after seeing all that.

  • female to male body massage
  • Lets have some private chats:

    Our beautiful masseuse will talk to you in a private room before going into the massage room because to make you close to her and she will talk everything about the massage to make comfortable with her. Then she will take you inside the massage room where both of you have to remove your cloths and have to take hot shower bath, while bathing the masseuse will start to massage you with using a soap which is made only for these type of body to body massages

Time to change words to reality

Cold water with hot body touch

After everything is explained, our massage girls will start the shower massage by rubbing the soap all over your body so now the bath tub is filled with foamy and the erotic pleasure will starts from now on your body, her soft hands will massage your full body with water. She will massage at various types like at the beginning she starts with gently afterword’s it turns into different types her body always touches you, while the massage continuous up to 1 hour your body will start feeling very comfortable and now you will be of a free mind so you are feeling a heaven at this time.

Mixture of the Massage beauty

The hot water, the soap, the beautiful body of the masseuse, and her soft hands all this are merged together onto your body so it becomes very difficult for you to control the pleasure and that is the only pleasure you needed from this massage so you will be completely transformed and refreshed into the new world, finally you will get the blissful experience from this female to male massage..


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In today's world of modernization massage is also one of the treatment for the human body to live happy and enthusiastic because stress, tensions, pressure and somebody pains are the common things for everyone and there wouldn’t be any medicines for that because its natural so he tries to control that but we experience the pain from inside our body. So to get rid of that pain message is the only thing that we all need, it reduces all stress, tensions of the mind and gives a relief to body pains moreover the main thing which it does for us is it fills strength in our body to handle the pressure. After taking the Massage you will feel free and you can control any stress and you can do your work with more enthusiasm.

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Role Play Massage: How it would be when a Massage is done through entertainment, and when that entertainment is done for both body and mind,then the rate of pleasure will be high, this roleplay Massage is same as this the whole process of massage is done through entertainment only. It is a fun filled Massage where the issue will showcase her gorgeous body with moments to entertain you and she also does some more things which gives you a royalty and happy feel because to make you enjoy by seeing her and at the time you will be allowed to touch her body also and when she makes you close to her then she will start to Massage you, at the end of the day you not only get the bliss, also you will be enjoyed and you feel very happy to experience this service.

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Shower massage with body to body

A body to body shower massage is an erotic pleasure giving massage and you will be refreshed completely by this Massage. The main thing about this Massage is the heavenly feeling that you get during the massage and also the pleasure. You have to remove your clothes inside the shower room now you are about to take a bath now, the mousse will join you at the same time she also is without her clothes.

She rubs the soap over your body and starts to massage you with her hands gently and at that time the bathtub will be filled with foam and the pleasure starts now from your body and after the hand Massage, she starts to rub her soft skinned body on your body through she will Massage you in different styles to all parts of your body, and you also allowed to touch her complete body so the pleasure rate was increases highly from your body and it will continue up to 1 hour. So you will be satisfied more than you expect from this shower body to body massage.

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Female to male body to body massage in Bangalore

It is a massage which involves you into the world of refreshment, it has both the strength as it gives a strong relaxation to the body and gives an experience of bliss that you couldn’t forget. A skilled therapist will be with you as a Massage, she first talks to you closely because to make you feel comfortable with her afterward she takes you to the massage room where you need to move off your clothes and get into the bed then she starts the Massage by removing her clothes.

At the beginning she starts with her hand to massage your full body once, then she starts the Massage through her body over your body to all over the parts of your body, the whole process of massage takes up to 1 hour. Your body and mind enjoy an awesome feeling because of the girl's body slide in different ways on your body so at the time you were also allowed to touch her because while massage continuous strongly, you need to kept her to enjoy the Massage. So it satisfies you completely and you can see the new world of freshness after the Massage.

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Erotic massage in Bangalore

Pleasure is a most needed thing for everyone if we get that perfect, our body feels more comfortable and our mind will become more active. An erotic massage is also one of the kinds of massage which gives a perfect pleasure for both body and mind, compared to any other Massage here the intimacy becomes very high between you and the therapist. The main goal of the masseuse (massage therapist) is to give you a sexual excitement and helps you to achieve orgasm, she will massage your every part of the body to arouse the sexual feeling, and while it continuous, you get the feel of the real pleasure and now you can enjoy that feeling with the masseuse as it continues to give that feeling more.